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One succeeds brilliantly and buys the mansion on the hilltop. The other fails miserably, receiving no response whatsoever.

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The difference between these two was in the message of their ads. Ads that speak to the heart of the customer and touch a nerve are the ones that turn little companies into big companies.

Top 10 Companies with the Best Advertising Campaigns

But few people know how to write such an ad. Most business owners approach advertising with the goal of merely getting their name out. But there is no evidence to suggest this will help you in the slightest. The Wharton study indicates that everything hinges on the message you attach to your name. Is your message predictable and, consequently, boring? Is it believable? Tempt a dog with a bowl of rice, and he'll ignore you.

Put a steak in the bowl, and you'll have his undivided attention.

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Your prospective customers are no different. What have you been putting in their bowls? Results increase with repetition. When you've identified a message that generates a positive response and you deliver that message consistently, business growth in year two will be approximately twice the growth of year one.

These are the 10 most effective advertising campaigns in the world

Growth in year three will be approximately triple the growth of year one, with growth measured in dollars, not percentages. But following year three, anything can happen. Your business can explode exponentially, or it can flatten out as though hitting an invisible glass ceiling. I've seen clients grow to 70 times their original size, and I've seen clients slowly grow to only double or triple their original volume and then flatten out.

The difference is in the clients, not in the ads. The follow-up question I'm sure you're dying to ask is, "OK, let's assume we've found a message that works. Now which medium is going to give me the most for my money? These are the major media, with some more expensive than others.

The one that's right for you depends entirely on your business. Entrepreneur Media, Inc. In order to understand how people use our site generally, and to create more valuable experiences for you, we may collect data about your use of this site both directly and through our partners. The table below describes in more detail the data being collected. By giving your consent below, you are agreeing to the use of that data.

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For more information on our data policies, please visit our Cookie Policy. Revoke Consent Submit Consent. Marketing Selecting the Most Effective Advertising Media How can you tell if your ads are reaching the right audience and generating the best response? Next Article -- shares Add to Queue. Roy H. In fact, some of us might not have even been alive when these campaigns first aired. But to know what makes an advertisement great, you first need to know how an advertisement is defined.

Advertisements are written or visual messages dedicated to promoting a specific product, service, or campaign. Businesses can pay the owner of a channel or platform that reaches a similar audience to broadcast this message. Two of the biggest challenges in advertising are measuring the value of the advertisement and ensuring it resonates with the right people.

As you can imagine, there are numerous types of advertisements -- all of which run in different mediums, on different channels, and have different goals in mind for their business. People can advertise anywhere, and today's best type of ad might not be the best type tomorrow. Here are four basic examples of advertising from the past few centuries yikes , from earliest to latest. The first print ad ran in England in , according to Infolinks. Since then, this type of advertising has become available in newspapers, magazines, brochures, billboards, flyers, and similarly portable methods of carrying a brand's message to its ideal end user.

In this ad method, the advertiser pays the publisher to place their ad in the publication. Radio advertising dates back to , when the first commercial radio stations were launched in the United States. Today, radio is still a relevant marketing and advertising platform for expanding the reach of a sponsored event or new product.

In this ad method, the advertiser pays the radio station to play their ad during designated breaks between music or a radio show. Television ads originated in the s with the promotion of practical items and political campaigns. Advertisers can now use television to promote food, toys, stores, business services, and more -- both to local TV channels and to national broadcast networks.

In this ad method, the advertiser pays the regional or national TV network to show their ad during designated breaks in the network's regular programming. Internet advertising took root in the mid s with the launch of "banner" advertisements for various telecommunications companies. These ads are placed in interstitial spots on a webpage. In this ad method, the advertiser pays the website owner to place their ad in exposed spaces that are peripheral to the website's own content.

Internet advertising has gone on to include video, search engine marketing, sponsored social media posts, and more. But, as you know, the advertising types above have evolved dramatically since their respective origins.

What were once quite one-dimensional messages now carry clever, funny, or profound undertones that make the ads memorable years after they first ran. And now, without further do, here they are, in no particular order but feel free to let us know which one is your favorite in the comments : 18 of the best advertisements of all time, and the lessons we can learn from them.

Did you know that, once upon a time, Nike's product catered almost exclusively to marathon runners? Then, a fitness craze emerged -- and the folks in Nike's marketing department knew they needed to take advantage of it to surpass their main competitor, Reebok. At the time, Reebok was selling more shoes than Nike.

And so, in the late s, Nike created the "Just Do It. Don't want to run five miles? Just Do It. Don't want walk up four flights of stairs? It's a slogan we can all relate to: the drive to push ourselves beyond our limits. When you're trying to decide the best way to present your brand, ask yourself: What problem are you solving for your customers?

What solution does your product or service provide? By hitting on that core issue in all of your messaging, you'll connect with consumers on an emotional level that is hard to ignore. Big brands are often hard-pressed to do something ground-breaking when they're already so big. So, what did Coca-Cola do to appeal to the masses? They appealed to individuals -- by putting their names on each bottle.

The Share a Coke campaign began in Australia in , when Coca-Cola personalized each bottle with the most popular names in the country. Since then, the U. You can even order custom bottles on Coke's website to request things like nicknames and college logos. It was a breaking story across the marketing and advertising industry.

Many consumers were enchanted by it, while others were confused by it -- why make a temporary item so personal? Pepsi even released counter-ads shortly after the campaign launched. Coke fans are regular buyers, and the company leaned into that sense of individual ownership with full force. Wondering what name you'll get out of the vending machine was a fun thrill in and of itself -- even if it isn't yours, it encourages you to "share a Coke" with whomever's name is on the front.

Despite having no distinct shape, Absolut made its bottle the most recognizable bottle in the world. Its campaign, which featured print ads showing bottles "in the wild," was so successful that they didn't stop running it for 25 years. It's the longest uninterrupted ad campaign ever and comprises over 1, separate ads. I guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

7 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ad Campaign Isn’t Converting Visitors to Clients

When the campaign started, Absolut had a measly 2. When it ended in the late s, Absolut was importing 4. No matter how boring your product looks, it doesn't mean you can't tell your story in an interesting way. Let me repeat: Absolut created ads of one bottle. Be determined and differentiate your product in the same way.

When's the last time an advertisement literally changed the way we talk to one another? Allow me to answer that question with another question: "Whassup?! This series of commercials, which first appeared in late , features a group of friends connecting on a group phone call we don't do those much anymore, do we? It starts gently: "What are you doin'? The ad took pop culture by storm during the Super Bowl in , and you can still hear its echoes today.

A MAP for effective advertising: the metaphoric advertising processing model

Anheuser-Busch showed us just how silly and informal an ad can be without ruffling feathers or going off-brand. Dare to celebrate your audience's absurdities. The more genuine your ad is, the more valuable your product is. Source: BuildingPharmaBrands blog.

Think it's easy to create a whole new market for your product? The Miller Brewing Company now MillerCoors did just that with the light beer market -- and dominated it. The goal of the "Great Taste, Less Filling" campaign was getting "real men" to drink light beer, but they were battling the common misconception that light beer can never actually taste good. Taking the debate head-on, Miller featured masculine models drinking their light beer and declaring it great tasting. For decades after this campaign aired, Miller Lite dominated the light beer market it had essentially created.

What's the lesson marketers can learn? Strive to be different. If people tell you there isn't room for a product, create your own category so you can quickly become the leader. The Always brand hit a home run with this advertisement, not because it went viral after the commercial ran in the Super Bowl, but because it was a groundbreaking message that hundreds of millions of people repeated long after the campaign was over. The campaign began as a commercial explaining the stigma behind playing sports "like a girl" -- implying that the boy's way is better or correct.

By the end of the ad, the message is both clear and inspiring: Girls are just as fit and capable as boys are, particularly during puberty -- a stage of life that is extremely important to Always and its women's products. The message is now a holistic initiative by Always you can learn about here , and a hashtag that's still used on social media today.

Acknowledge not just your audience, but the challenges they face -- especially the ones that reflect your time or culture. Not every societal issue is off limits to marketers and advertisers. Take a stand on the ones you know your audience supports, and you'll access a customer base that identifies with your passion.

Source: design shack. Many marketing and advertising professionals like to call Volkswagen's "Think Small" campaign the gold standard. See, Americans always had a propensity to buy big American cars -- and even 15 years after WWII ended, most Americans were still not buying small German cars. So what did this Volkswagen advertisement do? It played right into the audience's expectations. You think I'm small? Yeah, I am. They never tried to be something they were not. That's the most important takeaway from this campaign: Don't try to sell your company, product, or service as something it's not.

Consumers recognize and appreciate honesty. This isn't the oldest or most well-known advertisement on our list, but it's become the most powerful over its nine-year and still going existence. So powerful and so true, you forget it's an advertisement. Year in Search began in as "Zeitgeist," a written report of the public's most common Google searches over the previous 12 months.

The following year, Google adapted it for a three-minute video. Since then, it's been a bold, yearly reminder of how much we depend on Google for information on the news and events that give the entire world pause. Check out the company's latest video from above. Remind your customers how much you care that they care. These stories elicit a variety of emotions, but ultimately unite everyone -- no matter what Google products they might like -- through an uplifting message of how our usage of the company reflects the best in all of us. Source: The Open Field.