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There are many ways to grow your money. The Internet is full of them. Some of them are good, like investing in the stock market. Others not so much, like get-rich-quick schemes. I first learned the power of growing my money when I was paying off debt. I wanted to pay it off quicker and learned about the power of establishing multiple revenue streams. The additional income was vital in reaching my goal of debt freedom and is the foundation of running my own business today. There are many ways to grow your money, and you need to find one that works for your situation.

Doing so helps increase your chance of reaching your specific goal. Investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to multiply your money. Yes, the stock market can be risky and you might lose money. Even if you have only several hundred dollars or less, it makes a difference and can be invested.

You can invest in stocks with little money and do quite well. The key, however, is to start. Consider this, the Center for Retirement Research states that if you wait to start saving for retirement until age 45 you have to put away three times as much as you would if you had started at age If student loans are holding you back from investing, refinancing or consolidating them into a lower rate is a great way to kill them for good. Credible is a great option to refinance loans, at rates as low as 2.

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You can receive your rate in under two minutes! Check your rate at Credible to see how much you can save. You can also invest your money in real estate to grow it. Investing in real estate, like the stock market, is not without risk. You may not be able to fill a particular property or you may face an expensive repair. You may also have problem tenants. These all detract from your return, which is why due diligence is needed before selecting an investment property.

The other issue is that real estate often has a higher bar to entry than the stock market. Thanks to real estate crowdfunding, that is no longer always the case as you can pool your money with other investors. Sites like Fundrise, PeerStreet, and RealtyShares let you invest in real estate with other people for a fraction of the cost. Roofstock is another good option to use to invest in real estate. The platform focuses on turnkey properties to rent.

No minimum balance is required to invest with Roofstock, though you must have 20 percent to put down and can invest within an IRA. Finally, stREITwise is a good real estate platform to consider. The platform focuses on retail and commercial real estate investment opportunities. You can learn more about available platforms in our guide on the best real estate crowdfunding sites.

Either are good options to pursue, though combining the two makes them that much more powerful. The best way to save money is by cutting the cord.

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If you are spending anywhere near that amount, the first step to growing your money will be canceling your cable or satellite TV bill. I speak with people on a regular basis who struggle financially. Nearly each time, they are spending a significant amount of money each month on cable.

Slashing that cost instantly gives you money for other needs. We use the savings for other goals like saving for retirement and travel. The best part is that we still get to watch all the shows we want for a fraction of what we were paying DirecTV. However, the Customers Bank, which is based in Wyoming, charges no monthly fees or fees for falling below the minimum balance either.

It is worth the investment. This is definitely among the best savings account you will find. It has all the hallmarks and characteristics of the seamless service that Goldman Sachs is known for. The bank's investment in Marcus has certainly paid off. This account is a darling of many savers.

Best Ways to Invest $10,000

For this account, there are no minimum deposit fees or transaction fees. You can withdraw your savings from anywhere in the world using wire transfer or electronic transfer, as long as you are connected to the internet. The yield rates stand at an impressive 1. Ally Bank is a top choice for many savers and for good reasons too. It need not be said that this is a bank with no branches at all, not in a conventional way!

First, the bank has no requirements on the amount you can have as a minimum balance. For any amount in your account, the same attracts a uniform interest rate of 1. Secondly, the bank also offers checking accounts along the same lines, which makes access to your account a lot easier. The American National Bank has quite the name in savings, and the online saving option is a huge positive to its portfolio of banking services. The account also comes with a healthy 1. No mandatory minimum balance, no monthly fees and no stress over your savings, that is what the American Express National Bank is all about.

An APY rate of 1.

It has no monthly fee charged and no fee for you to open an account. The only downside is the fact that you will have to fund this account within 60 days of opening it.

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You can't talk about the history of British Banking without talking about Barclays, one of the oldest British Banks. Three hundred and twenty-five years in the banking industry means that each service has been refined to meet your needs, and the Barclays savings account certainly doesn't disappoint. Both of you probably had different goals as individuals, and what your partner wants may not be aligned with yours.

Are you perhaps looking to travel the world before you turn 40, or to buy your second property by a certain milestone? Do you want to focus on building your savings so you can retire early, or take a year off work for an epic trip? Come to an agreement on what goals both of you would like to pursue, together, and then plan to get there together. Remember, your partner is part of your future too!

Work out the delegation of finances early to avoid missing payments and minimise possible disagreements.

How to Properly Manage Your Money Like the Rich - Tom Ferry

Will you have separate saving accounts or a joint one? Will both of you contribute an equal sum every month, or is the spouse with the higher income expected to contribute more?

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Depending on your personality and money management styles, find the method that works for both of you and commit to it. Research the types of available accounts out there to discover one that may help you get higher interest on your savings together. Once you have found a system that works for both of you, the next step would be to create a family budget for shared expenses like groceries, utilities, household repairs, and more. Will the money be paid out of your joint account, or will you each be responsible for different bills?