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Wimmer, B. To cope with the challenge of managing the complexity of automated production systems, model-based approaches are applied increasingly. However, due to the multitude of different disciplines involved in automated production systems engineering, e.

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Next assessment will be during the quadriennium Business Systems Modeling Addresses advanced solutions to modeling and analysis of complex problems and to support the decision-making process in scenarios characterized by simultaneous interaction of multiple variables. Competitiveness Planning and Management The area of Competitiveness Planning and Management is an interface of specific knowledge developed by Production Engineering, Management and Industrial Economics. It encompasses modern and relevant issues from the point of view of economic, social, and environmental development.

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Areas of Interest: He works in the interface between companies and academia in the application of optimization tools, mul-ticriteria analysis, modeling, simulation, pattern recognition and multivariate methods as support for man-agement and operational decision making. PSE is devoted to these principles.

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  • Li, S. Meerkov, and L. The PSE results have been summarized in the textbook by J. Li and S.

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    Meerkov, Production Systems Engineering, Springer A Chinese version of this text, translated by L. Zhang, has been published in by the Beijing Institute of Technology Press.

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