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Salman Rushdie. New York: Random House, Salman Rushdie, whose stature as a victim of Muslim extremism is believed by some critics to have overshadowed his reputation as a writer, gives us a remarkable book, no less worth reading for its literary ambition than for its insights into the making of the terrorist mind. He is Shalimar the Clown. Ophuls lies inert, in the lobby of her building, bathed in blood.

Rushdie combines sumptuous lan- guage with magic realism to penetrate the realities of the global age. His images stand as evidence of a unique form of memory, an imagined past made all the more real because of its consequences.

Though Rushdie is rigid in his opinions, he is not judgmental when it comes to his characters.

Kas- hmiriyat—the belief in a common bond that transcends all other differ- ences—guides daily interactions and gives the region a distinctive identity. He is shy and innocent; she, the incarnation of earthen sensuality. Much delicate negotiation is required to arrive at the perfect balance with neither Hindu nor Muslim forms upstaging one another.

Salman Rushdie on Shalimar the Clown: A Novel - Themes, Characters, Allegory, Analysis (2005)

Those efforts are almost crushed when an impru- dent woman questions the ceremonial order of the two rites. This is an omen. Their scandalous affair gives Boonyi a way to embrace modernity and escape the tedium of small-town living in Kashmir. But, as a kept woman, Boonyi devolves into a monster—gluttonous, indolent, and irrelevant. Rushdie is saying that the disappointed soul is easy prey to violent seduc- tions. His loss is the ordinary fare of cuckolded hus- bands but, under the right circumstances, the grievances of small people can become something larger and more sinister.

He kills without remorse because his rage over lost love cannot be quelled.

Zhivago who becomes a heartless executioner. A cursory glance at the evidence suggests otherwise—in England, Muslim activism is related to the grievances of sec- ond- and third-generation Pakistanis Anwar, ; Jacobson, ; in France it is connected to the unresolved Algerian question and feelings of exclusion on the part of North African immigrants Beckford et al.

And so on and so forth. Islamic fundamentalism is heterogeneous within but it is also the voice of political dissidence, couching communitar- ian complaints in the mantle of a universal movement. Implicit in his novel is a condemna- tion of military intrusions that threaten to obliterate local differences and unify Muslims throughout the world in opposition to Western arrogance. Without a perverse geopolitical context to legitimate his complaints, Shalimar might not have become a killer. It is as his abject servant, not his equal, that Shalimar stabs him to death. Shalimar the clown: a novel , Jonathan Cape.

Shalimar the Clown August , Recorded Books.

Shalimar The Clown

Shalimar the Clown September 6, , Knopf Canada. Shalimar the Clown January , Recorded Books. Libraries near you: WorldCat Library.

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Shalimar the Clown: a novel , Vintage Canada in English. Shalimar the Clown: a novel , Random House in English - 1st ed. Knopf Canada in English - 1st ed. Shalimar the clown: a novel , Jonathan Cape in English. July 22, The shadow planets actually existed without actually existing. They were heavenly bodies without bodies.

Salman Rushdie

Rahu is the exaggerator the intensifier! Ketu is the blocker the suppressor!

The dance of the shadow planets is the dance of the struggle within us. Their behavior was worthy of the strongest censure.

Book Review: Shalimar The Clown by Salman Rushdie - The Bibliofile

But at the time of this auspicious outcome, in the early sixties, Kashmiriyat was already under siege. Kashmir had been the idyllic summer haven of the British colonials, who, in , installed a Hindu ruler over a population that, after centuries of Mughal rule, was predominantly Muslim.

The village tolerance and Hindu-Muslim coexistence that Gandhi had hoped would prevail in postcolonial India gave way, in Kashmir, to sectarian battles, fitfully halted by United Nations-arranged ceasefires, and to terrorism aligned with global Islam. But to Rushdie it has been a grievous personal matter.