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For example records from January show stone masons working at a quarry in Clontarf , Dublin, were provided with an allowance of 14 pints of ale per day by the proctor of Christ Church Cathedral. Gives a whole new meaning to plastered. Stone masons were engaged in hard physical labour all day and people thought that beer made hardworking men sweat, which was regarded as good, she says.

It may also have been sweeter and nourishing. It is suggested if you made beer using the proportions in the recipes, it may have been up to 7per cent proof. We need more evidence. Were people drunk all the time? Documents from Dublin Castle show the household staff consumed , pints of beer in , which averaged up to eight pints each per day - a similar amount to what was typically consumed in England in the period. There was a general concern about drunkenness in England at the time, and Flavin mentions some English observations of drinking in Ireland, which are amusing and perhaps the earliest stereotype of the drunken Irish.

For howsoever while they lived in woods and in cabins with their cattle, they could be content with water and milk, yet when they came to towns nothing was more frequent than to tie their cows at the doors and never part from the taverns till they had drunk them out of sack and strong water, which they call usquebaugh, and this did not only the lords, but the common people, though half naked for want of clothes to cover them.

Beers in Ireland in the 16th century typically had a high oat content, as barley was difficult to grow and hops and wheat were expensive. It was a period of scorched earth warfare, with British troops burning Irish crops; Gaelic troops were into burning crops too, depending on their loyalties. Hopped beer is also stronger. Oat beer was popular in Ireland, but well before the English plantations, there were hops here, according to Flavin. Army rations allowed English soldiers in Ireland eight pints of beer a day.

It dropped to four pints a day in , and in the Nine Years War it disappears from the rations altogether, possibly because of problems sourcing grain at the time. Some of the English regarded the oat beer — a bitter, thick and creamy — as inferior and there are references to soldiers, during the reign of Henry VIII, refusing to drink oat beer, which had gone out of favour in many places by then, barring a few exceptions, including Ireland and Norway. Tastes, and understanding of what foods are healthy, were very different in the 16th century too.

So they were eating salt fish for weeks on end.

People had a different idea of how food works in body, and wealthier people used spicy and sweet food to balance each other. Palates were different and things tasted differently too. Our notions of balanced diets are very new, and there was debate in the 16th century about whether vegetables were even good for you.

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Vegetables grow closer to the ground and were regarded as further from God, and so were less noble, says Flavin. Her research detected a change in attitudes between s and s, when the discovery of the New World led to seeds being imported, gardening became trendy, and vegetables and soft fruits became fashionable. We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. For more information see our Cookie Policy.

Irish historian in Cambridge uncovers drinking habits of 16th century Ireland Tipperary woman Dr Susan Flavin on her discovery that Irish workers in the 16th century drank 14 pints a day Thu, Oct 12, , Updated: Thu, Oct 12, , Deirdre Falvey. Tax: Coping with complexity and uncertainty.

New research takes another step towards self-aware artificial intelligence. South Africa: wildlife, wine country and out-of-this-world adventure awaits. Commenting on The Irish Times has changed.

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History of Beer - The IPA, or India Pale Ale.

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